Fiona’s new hobby

I’ve always checked the change in my pocket; I’ve looked for unusual or special coins ever since I was a child. I collected the Victorian coins I received as pocket money  when I was young and now have a small bag of “old money”. Recently, I have collected – or rather been reluctant to spend – the special coins now in circulation, notably the £2 and 50p special coins. I have saved these coins in a Dr Who tardis money box. Recently Fiona has shown interest in the special coins that are in circulation today; this includes £2, 50p and 10p special coins. Fiona’s interest has gone as far as “buying” a bag of coins from the bank for sorting through. When the good ones have been removed she’ll take the rest back and get some more later on.

Here are the goodies in her first haul

Oooh look, a Kitchener £2 as well as 2 other WW1 £2 commemorative coins, and Britannia. A 1066 50p featuring Harold not William, so much for being the victor eh,  and a good few Beatrix Potter coins. Nice