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Here I will publish the day by day story of the theft of £100,000 from my late Mother’s bank accounts by a family member and all relevant documents.

Stay tuned for more, meanwhile I will share the solicitor’s letters and my responses, so here we go:

15th June 2020 1st letter from Kleyman

6th July 2020 My response to Kleyman

15th July 2020 Kleyman’s 2nd letter

My analysis of Bern’s so-called invoice in the 2nd letter

29th July 2020 My response to Kleyman

2nd Sept 2020 Kleyman’s 3rd letter

18th Sept 2020 My response to Kleyman

29th Jan 2021 Kleyman’s 4th letter

5th Feb 2021 My response to Kleyman

30th April 2021 Kleyman’s 5th letter

30th April 2021 My response to Kleyman

26th July 2021 Kleyman’s 6th letter

13th August 2021 My response to Kleyman

16th September 2021 Email from Couchman, note: an email and not a letter. It was addressed to ‘Dear Andrew’, it’s signature font differed from the body text, it contained no reference. I smell a rat.

12th October 2021 My letter to couchman

15th October 2021, Threats of court action from Kleyman. This is their PAP letter, pre-action protocol, pre-action for taking me to court. Of particular interest is the very last and previously unseen page that purports to be a chart of “care costs”. Note Bern is claiming a loss of income from childcare of £67 per day and claims Maryanne’s offer was for £20k pa. Outrageous and untrue!

22nd October, My response to Kleyman’s threats

25th October 2021, Response from Kleyman , for some reason they now see a resolution as urgent. It took them 2 months to respond re their expenses, but all of a sudden it’s urgent.

29th October 2021, My response to Kleyman’s PAP letter

1st November 2021, we have now had time to read through the letter of the 15th October (we were away between 20th-29th October inclusive). The letter contains many inaccuracies, errors and needs clarification. I penned this request for clarification and sent it to Couchman, his boss (Kleyman) and Bern.

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