New PI

My RPI 3 Model B is now in permanent use as my Kodi set top box which is attached to the TV to allow us to watch free TV and is no longer available for experimenting with. I needed to get myself a new PI for play purposes so I ordered a RPI 3+ Model A from Pimoroni. The model A lacks the Model B’s RJ45 network interface and only has 1 USB port rather than 4. However, it keeps Bluetooth and Wifi so there is no need for all the extra bits fitted to the B anyway.

The photo shows the PI 3+ A next to a loyalty card to demonstrate how small it really is. The PI is enclosed in a Pibow acrylic case to protect it, and it is shown connected to a thermometer via its I2C interface. The PI and case cost me about £35 plus £2.99 postage.

My next task is to design and build the application that takes the thermometer reading periodically and sends the info to a web page hosted elsewhere, create the root file system and a distribution so that the whole thing can be packaged and runs as soon as the PI is powered up.

Great fun…